Kindergarten 2

In Kindergarten 2 at AISB Ramintra, children will now reach the foundation year before they make the significant jump up to primary. There will be importance placed on academics as children continue to develop their understanding of literacy and numeracy as well as explore new learning areas including Humanities and Social Sciences. Assessments through the year will take place to monitor the academic development of children and balanced with the encouragement of critical thinking through teacher-child led discussions. 

Partnerships-Growing Together

Referring to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, we recognize that partnerships start first and foremost with family. It’s essential that schools provide a welcoming environment where children and families are encouraged to work actively with educators to create a meaningful educational experience. We use our reach to collaborate with families to organize special events and activities that link into the learning themes taken on by children. Careful observations by our team of qualified teachers are used to personalize pedagogical approaches to suit each child’s needs. 

Specialists Zone

In addition to the normal homeroom teaching program, specialist classes provide further opportunities to develop the extensiveness and depth of the students’ skills and understandings in Kindergarten 2. Kindergarten 2 children continue to engage in Library, Music, Swimming and the Perceptual Motor Program. Thai Language and Culture is taught by our experienced team of Thai Teachers.