Kindergarten 1

In Kindergarten 1 at AISB Ramintra, children continue to build a strong sense of their own identity and the world that surrounds them. There is more emphasis on children to develop skills in a number of areas including; academic, social, personal and physical. There is a focus on wellbeing, linked with resilience, providing children with opportunities to manage change and to respond to challenges in a positive, supportive environment, building their confidence and optimism. 

Academic Focus

The development of language, literacy and numeracy is essential. Children will begin to explore and engage with literacy through reading, viewing, listening, writing, speaking and creating in personally meaningful ways supports kindergarten children to become effective communicators. In addition, they begin to develop skills and understanding of numeracy. 

Personal and Social Development

The transition from home to school is an important yet challenging time for children. At AISB Ramintra, we focus in building trust with our community of families by working together to get children use to the daily routine of school and the responsibilities they have by being in school. The emphasis of learning through play gives children the opportunity to develop key social and communication skills through a variety of child-led and teacher-led play at AISB Ramintra.