AISB Ramintra

Our Mission

We aim to provide a nurturing, supportive and trusted school where children can develop into young confident learners in a child-centered learning environment where all nationalities can come together as one. 

The Koala Community at AISB Ramintra

As an Australian school in the heart of Thailand, we are proud in delivering the best we can from the globally recognized Australian curriculum through our dedicated team of early childhood educators. One of the key features of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework is building partnerships in the classroom with children and parents alike. Our Koala Community is the heartbeat of our school as we strive to be the perfect platform for a child beginning their educational journey. We, as a school, work closely with students and parents to make this a success.

The Koala Community is a rich and vibrant blend of cultures, backgrounds and experiences, and when your family joins us, we want to get to know you. We build strong, meaningful relationships with all our families, we can individualize experiences to better suit your child’s culture, interests, needs, abilities, disabilities and learning style. Families receive regular communication from the home teacher about their child’s program, progress and learning

Learning @ AISB Ramintra

“Making the Right Start for a Bright Future”

The early years in a child’s life is the most essential and vital one to acquire the foundational skills for future learning. At AISB Ramintra, we understand the importance of being a child-centered, warm and nurturing school environment where children form trusted partnerships with their teachers and fellow peers. Most crucially, this is the time when children enter into a social world that extends beyond their family. It is when they are trying to establish themselves as members of a community. It is when they form crucial attitudes in learning and to themselves as learners.

Our professionally trained staff provide fundamental support for children to feel comfortable and safe when entering this exciting chapter of their early life.

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